Prepare you skin for Winter

There’s no question that the winter months can wreck havoc on your skin, but if you start using these skin-saving tips now, you’ll be in the clear when winter hits full-on.

Exfoliate. This is the key to revealing a healthy glow for both your body and your face. No matter how much moisture you give your skin, it can’t penetrate though dead cells. Chemical peels improve texture using a chemical solution that causes dead skin to peel off. Peels can improve acne prone skin, discoloration, fine lines and wrinkles and even mild rosacea. The end goal of all chemical peels is the same, to leave the skin regenerated, smoother and with a dewy, youthful glow.

Wear SPF. Just because it’s cold out doesn’t mean the sun’s rays aren’t. Over time, sun exposure contributes to dryness and loss of elasticity. So remember to apply SPF daily, no matter the weather.

Stay Hydrated. To prevent dry winter skin, it’s vital to protect cellular water levels. Many are surprised to learn that caffeine and alcohol are major causes of dehydration, so try and limit your intake. Choose decaffeinated coffee and alternate water with cocktails to make sure your body is hydrated.

Switch up your skin care. You may need to adjust your skin-care regimen a bit during the winter months. Make sure to use a mild cleanser that’s non-drying with lactic acid and enzymes. And don’t skimp on the toner – a toner can help alleviate some dryness since it acts as an oil stimulant and helps get the sebaceous glands going. You’ll want to incorporate a serum too. Serums are able to penetrate deeper than a moisturizer, which usually helps more on the surface layer of the skin. Look for serums with hyaluronic acid and vitamin C for added benefits.