Institut Esthederm Paris Skin Care

Institut Esthederm is an exclusive, independently owned French Skincare line based on over 35 years of research and over 80 proven patented formulas. It was founded by Jean-Noël Thorel a French Biological Pharmacist and Cell Specialist in 1978. An amazing factor of Esthederm is that their products all revolve around hydration and compatibility with all type of skin and this is due to the specialized Cellular Water they use.

As we all know water has the ability to be liquid, solid or gaseous, however you may not know that there is a 4th form water comes in and that is called “interstitial”, which is the form water takes within our cells: it is our physiological water. It is an essential element that is responsible for the function, health and beauty of our skin. Esthederm was inspired by this form of water, naturally present in skin, in the design of their Cellular Water.

Due to the fact Cellular water is the same PH as our skin’s it is perfect for contributing to the preservation of youthful healthy skin. Through working to re-educate the skin, it offers a complete professional rejuvenating skin care program that Protects, Repairs and Rehabilitates the skin. This gives it the opportunity to learn to act on its own and helps with faster cell regeneration.