Waxing and Tinting




Full Leg

Price $65.00
Book-NowspaceFull Leg Waxing

Full Leg & Bikini

Price $79.00
Book-NowspaceFull Leg & Bikini Wax

Lower Leg

Price $35.00

Lower Leg & Bikini

Price $55.00
Book-NowspaceLower Leg & Bikini Wax

Upper Thigh

Price $45.00
Book-NowspaceUpper Thigh Wax

Upper Leg & Bikini

Price $65.00
Book-NowspaceUpper Leg & Bikini Wax


Price $32.00
Book-NowspaceBikini Wax

Deep Bikini

Price $39.00
Book-NowspaceDeep Bikini Wax

Brazilian Bikini

Price $59.00

Bikini & Inner Thigh

Price $43.00
Book-Nowbrazilian-bikini-waxBikini & Inner Thigh Wax

Tummy Line

Price $15.00
Book-Nowbrazilian-bikini-waxTummy Line Wax

Full Stomach

Price $30.00
Book-Nowbrazilian-bikini-waxFull Stomach Wax

Under Arms

Price $20.00
Book-Nowbrazilian-bikini-waxUnder Arms Wax

Half Arms

Price $29.00
Book-Nowbrazilian-bikini-waxHalf Arms Wax

Full Arms

Price $35.00
Book-Nowbrazilian-bikini-waxFull Arms Wax

Upper Lip Wax

Price $15.00
Book-Nowbrazilian-bikini-waxUpper Lip Wax

Lip & Nostrils

Price $20.00
Book-Nowbrazilian-bikini-waxLip & Nostrils Wax


Price $12.00
Book-Nowbrazilian-bikini-waxChin Wax

Side of Face

Price $15.00
Book-Nowbrazilian-bikini-waxSide of Face Wax

Face (No Brows)

Price $30.00
Book-Nowbrazilian-bikini-waxFace Wax

Toes or Fingers

Price $10.00
Book-Nowbrazilian-bikini-waxToes or Fingers Spa

Lower Back

Price $15.00
Book-Nowbrazilian-bikini-waxLower Back Wax

Brow Shape

Price $20.00
Book-Nowbrazilian-bikini-waxBrow Shape Wax


Price $35.00
Book-Nowbrazilian-bikini-waxShoulder Wax

Back & Shoulders

Price $65.00
Book-Nowbrazilian-bikini-waxBack & Shoulders Wax


Price $49.00
Book-Nowbrazilian-bikini-waxChest Wax

Full Back

Price $50.00
Book-Nowbrazilian-bikini-waxFull Back Wax



Brow Tint

Price $15.00
Book-NowspaceBrow Tint

Lash Tint

Price $30.00
Book-NowspaceLash Tint



Performed by trained Medical Estheticians.
We use Lightsheer Diode Laser technology.
Packages are available
Please call for a Free Consultation – 416 484-4216

Lash Tint